Thanlwin Division

Divisional Office of Thanlwin Division in Mawlamyaing


The location of Thanlwin Division , operation area, vessel employed and its functions are described in the following table.

(1) Location Divisional Office in the Hpettan Ward, lower main road, near new market, Mawlamyine, Mon State

operation area

The regions along the rivers of Thanlwin, Gyine and Ahtaran in the Mon and Kayin States

vessel employed

(7) Powered vessels   (5) station pontoons
(4) Functions

Rendering services on passenger and general cargo. Passenger cum Cargo Transport operated in 3 regular routes and 1 river-crossing ferry service, totally 11 service routes supervised by three Township Managers.


Thamainbayran Vessel at Mawlamyaing Jetty

Landing Craft Ferry of Thanlwin Division
Craft Ferry

Mawlamyaing Jetty
Craft Ferry

Mawlamyaing Jetty of Thanlwin Division